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API Strategy & Practice Conference US Fall, 2015 To be announced soon!

About APIStrat

The API Strategy & Practice Conference provides a forum in which leaders in the API sector can gather to discuss successes and challenges they face while executing their own API strategy. The API community comes together to hear these stories, participate, and discuss what is needed to move forward, in order to ensure the healthiest and most vibrant API sector possible.

Who's Attending

The API Strategy & Practice Conference has a broad audience including leading API technologists,strategists and technology providers; experienced API Providers showcasing their APIs and sharing valuable hands on knowledge from the trenches; and others just starting the API Journey looking for a one stop shop to soak up strategy and technology.

Developers, developers, developers

The Developer Track features talks from the app developer perspective - how to use APIs to great effect in application development. Topics include mobile and fixed development, frameworks and paradigms, mashup frameworks, testing, monitoring HTML5 and mobile native development.

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