APIStrat Tech Un-Workshop @ Gluecon

The event will be a half day run in conjunction with Gluecon on the 20th of May. There will be two parallel technical tracks each tackling a current key growth area in API Technology. The format is an an “Un-conference” (in this case and “Un-workshop”) with participants setting the Agenda:

  • Each starting with lighting talks on different frameworks, challenges and experiences.
  • Followed by identification of key discussion items, open format discussion to proceed on these sub-topics.
  • Ending with a wrap up from each of the subtopics.
  • Topped off with drinks in the Tap Room and networking to get set for Gluecon.
  • Discussion will be captured and published as short or long form blog or other discussions.

The objective is to advance state of the art and understanding both of existing frameworks but also where more technical development might take us.

The two selected tracks are:

  • Track 1: API Service Descriptions and Discovery: as the number of APIs proliferates better formats are needed to define and describe the interfaces they provide, as well as model the APIs on creation. Emerging formats such as Blueprint, Swagger, RAML, WADL, SOAP and Hypermedia Profiles all provide different ways of modeling and defining an API. On this track, discussion will explore the differences between these formats, their commonalities and differences as well projecting what might be needed in the future. Further it will explore how to promote machine readable format adoption and discovery of published formats and instances of APIs.
  • Track 2: Realtime, Event Driven and the Internet of Things APIs: many new API applications require not only standard polling of data but realtime push data notifications and event generation/distribution. At the same time, APIs combined with embedded software and network enabled devices is a potentially spectacular area of growth in the next few years with seemingly boundless possibilities. This track will explore realtime and evented APIs, as well as the relationship between Apis and the Internet of Things. .Questions include: what frameworks and architectures make sense? what larger issues need to be resolved - such as security, identity, registries, compatibility and standards?

Please note that we’ve merged the Real Time and Internet of Things tracks into one since the talks we related and we wanted to concentrate the good ideas!

Each track will be structured as follows:

  • Part 1: Lightning Talks: 6-8 preselected lightning talks of 5minutes each (slides allowed but not required), followed by open Mic opportunities for anyone in the audience of 1-2 minute slots.
  • Part 2: Birds of a Feather Un-conference - topics from lightning talks or others to form groups shouted out to form discussion groups people can move between.
  • Part 3: Choice of the 3-4 most lively topics for discussion panel in from of whole audience. In each case, 4-5 people on stage representing that topic in Q&A style.

The objective is to try to ensure everybody has the chance to speak and contribute. Speakers on the two tracks include:

Track 1:

Track 2:

Attendance is free but you need to register and timing is from 1pm on 20th May, 2014 until approximately 6pm with coffee available.


Input on the format and topics to tackle is highly welcome, as are proposal for lightning talks (please specify the session).


We’re looking for sponsors to help cover the event costs. These are modest but help is greatly appreciated - any surplus will be donated to drinks in the TapRoom Bar.


The workshop is organized by the APIStrat team in conduction with Gluecon. Contacts are:


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